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Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework (UX)


Around 75 - 85% of new products each year fail financially because they don’t target jobs that people are trying to get done.

This 3-step framework will help you formulate the correct JBTD and discover hidden growth opportunities in your product.

For whom:

Marketers, Product Managers, UX designers & Business strategists

You will be able to:

- Learn how to write a clear problem statement/job-to-be-done that your customers are trying to do

- Field proper and effective customer research to test your assumptions

- Understand which customer needs are unmet based on empirical data findings

In most companies, managers can't agree on what a customer need really is. It’s even hard for them to come up with a clear problem statement. This framework of prioritizing opportunities works because it’s built around a solid understanding of what a customer need is. The opportunity formula (you can see it on the screenshots) will automatically show you which customer needs are unmet (just paste the data into the fields).

Knowing which customer needs to address in priority order enables you to systematically accelerate company growth.


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Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework (UX)

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