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Project Management 360 w/ Templates (Notion)

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Project management is a process, and process is king.

Look at any profession. You’ll see a well-thought-out plan being followed.

Professionals never just wing it:

  • Doctors follow a treatment plan
  • Airline pilots follow a flight plan
  • Soldiers follow a military operation plan

Imagine engaging the services of any of the above professions if the practitioner were to say to you, “Screw the plan. I’ll just wing it.”

This is exactly what most people do.

But what if you could have techniques and step-by-step processes written for you to take complete control of any design project from beginning to end as well as keep mistakes and surprises to a minimum?

Project Management 360 was created from a personal need to manage and deliver complex $$$ projects on time (Tested on a real $110,000 UX/UI project).

Here is what you can do with it

  • Successfully onboard new clients (Checklist)
  • Define clear project scope (What you're going to do and NOT to do)
  • Decompose complex projects into digestible & achievable milestones
  • A detailed description of each milestone for your clients
  • Be in a driver’s seat. See everything that’s on your plate
  • Have clear weekly priorities
  • Never worry about missing important links
  • Give status updates like a McKinsey consultant (Template)
  • Killer design process infographics to showcase your expertise
  • Feel confident about your process
  • Communicate and show what’s next
  • Learn best UX/UI practices. Copy my exact process and adapt to your projects.
  • Less confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines
  • Task completion. Help people remember what they said there were going to do and hold them accountable


  • Design Framework infographic (Figma)
  • Double-diamond design thinking infographic (Figma)
  • Project phases covers (Figma)
  • Project Delivery Plan (Google Doc)

About the author

Alex Gilev is User Experience (UX) consultant, founder @30kstrategy, based in Miami with more than 12 years of industry experience in leading a variety of complex projects ranging from pre-funding SaaS startups to large Fortune 500 corporations.

Extensive track record of creating highly usable and intuitive web applications that are used by the U.S. Air Force, the United States Navy as well as over 100 financial institutions in the US and around the world, including some largest investment banks.

  • Certified UX Expert by NN/g (UX Management speciality)
  • Certified Product Manager & Product Leader by Product School (Silicon Valley)
  • Certified Behavioral Design specialist
  • Certified Design Thinking practitioner (by IBM)
  • Certified Product Gamification expert
  • Studied product strategy at Harvard, Stanford,& IDEO.
  • Learned product management & strategy best practices from the Apple's Product Leader. Personally coached by him.

Client Roster: Johnson&Johnson, Ubiquiti Networks, MasterClass, Compeed, PayPal, Toptal, Fantasy

If you want to successfully manage and deliver creative projects on time while maximizing the value, this Notion template is for you.

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Detailed Project Roadmap
Tasks (Canban Board)
Meetings & Deliverables Calendar
Double-diamond Design Thinking Process
Design Framework
Project Milestones Covers + Icons
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Project Management 360 w/ Templates (Notion)

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